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Sunday Worship: We have returned to in-sanctuary worship in a safe and responsible manner using guidance from leading experts.  For those who are healthy and choose to worship in person, please wear a face covering and follow ushers' directions.  For those who wish to worship virtually, you are welcome to join us via two online platforms:

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Pastor's Page

September 2020

For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all. –Titus 2:11
In late February, I composed the words below for this page of the March newsletter. I won’t claim prescience, but I do possess, like all of you, some common sense. I wrote then…
There’s still no breakthrough in the search for a coronavirus cure. Every so often, a virus frightens the world. Panic ensues. A race for a remedy begins. Travel plans change. A blaming game unfolds including scapegoating. People wish to identify and to hold accountable perceived culprits.
Now, six months later, on the threshold of this month of September, what I wrote then is ringing true. The race is on for a vaccine. A blame game has unfolded including scapegoating. There’s no end to people finding goats and declaring them guilty. Governors; media; China; President Trump; former Vice-President Biden; Congress; the CDC, FDA, WHO, and XYZ; nursing homes; hospitals; colleges and universities; school boards; administrators; teachers; state and county health officials; the Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams; Dr. Fauci; Dr. Birx—they’ve all been scrutinized and scapegoated. The blame game is what people do and a staple of the news nearly every day.
For this month’s page, I wish to share new, common sense words. Here they are: The end is near! The end of the crisis is approaching! The pandemic is now on notice—“Your days are numbered!” A safe, effective vaccine is already being manufactured. The summer of 2021 will be better than 2020. The blame game about the virus will soon end but arguing will continue in a new phase—the fight over who deserves credit for the vaccine!
This past April, Barbara and I spent Easter morning in church with Jim Needles at the camera. Only three of us in the sanctuary for Easter! I’m hoping for more at Christmas. I’m hoping for renewed faith, attendance in the sanctuary as we once knew it, and a vaccine.
Saint Paul’s letter to Titus is heard every year in church on Christmas Eve; specifically, the verse from chapter two at the top of this page: For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all. Jesus, born at Christmas and rising on Easter, is God’s grace appearing. Jesus is God’s gift of life. From a young age, I was taught to believe in Jesus Christ. In our lowest times, including now, Christ is with us. Jesus is with us; among us; leading us through these pandemic days. They are almost over. Soon we will arrive in a better place with memories of what we endured and with gratitude for Christ. The vaccine will appear like a new birth. New life will begin. The church will be restored. Truth be told, our faith has never been locked down. God has been giving us faith to carry on all the while in all these days.
Let us spread the good news that the end of the pandemic is near; the end approaches; the vaccine is already being made. What lies ahead will be better for us and the world. God is in the future waiting with open arms for all to arrive. The grace of God is bringing salvation to all.
God be with you until we meet again in our sanctuary. Special thanks to the faithful givers who have been remembering our congregation in these days. We are one in Christ.
In Christ with you,
Pastor Doug Heagy