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Sunday Worship: We have returned to in-sanctuary worship in a safe and responsible manner using guidance from leading experts.  For those who are healthy and choose to worship in person, please wear a face covering and follow ushers' directions.  For those who wish to worship virtually, you are welcome to join us via two online platforms:

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Pastor's Page

August 2020

For many years after Barbara and I were married, we sent a Christmas letter to family and friends. I don’t know when we stopped doing that or why, but it was probably due to the speed of life increasing. Three children speed up the pace of life. Recently, I found our first letter, which was mailed the year our first child, Hannah, was born. I’ll share a few of its paragraphs. Pardon the emotive language, but life then was all bliss. I was a new husband, father, and the yellow brick road of life was only beginning…
We are elated to announce that our family grew this past year. We are now two and a child. Hannah Grace Heagy was born to us in the late evening of Thursday, July 15. Over five months of Thursday evenings have since passed, but not many have gone without laughter and remembrances of our mid-summer night gift from God.
Hannah Grace has been a new parents’ delight. Her affectionate smile warms every day. Her squeals and hugs are treasures to cherish. Her favorite activities include rolling from her back to belly, splashing bath water, reading books with Mommy and Daddy, playing with Messrs. Bear,
Dog, and Horse, and tossing to the floor the various toys and rattles that are placed in her hands. She even smiles for our family cat, a disturbing fact for her Daddy who is still adjusting to this portion of the marriage dowry. Hannah Grace is now 27 inches long and weighs 19 pounds. We are pleased that she is sleeping through the night. She is looking forward to a time when
she can greet you in person. --December, 1993
Day by day, year by year, Barbara and I have walked life’s yellow brick road with our children. There have been joys, sorrows, endings, and new beginnings along the way. Another new beginning occurs this month. Hannah will marry Jacob Morrison in our church sanctuary on August 8 at 11:30 AM. Their guest list was drastically truncated to maintain social distancing. COVID-19 has crippled many wedding plans this year, but not love. Girls and boys dream of their wedding days and some imagine a large assembly of people. Though Barbara and I cannot invite the congregation to the sanctuary for Hannah’s wedding, we can invite you to watch the ceremony live from our church’s Facebook page and You Tube channel (see page 12 of this newsletter). As the virus has limited the people permitted in the sanctuary, we’ll be blessed if many of you will tune in to view the ceremony live from your laptops, desk tops, televisions, or cell phones.
A moment ago it seems, our baby girl was rolling from back to belly; sitting on our laps as we read, Cozy in the Woods, her favorite book; and learning to count the wicker baskets that hung on the walls of our kitchen. Soon I’ll be walking her down the aisle of our church and it will be time for me to let her go again. I’ve been trying to do that since the day she was born. Some wise person once said, “Let go, and let God.” So that’s what I’ll do, and here’s a simple prayer to end: God, bless all marriages, relationships, and Hannah & Jacob’s life together. Join us on August 8 at 11:30 AM if you can. Come sunshine or rain, a wedding is set. I’m letting go and letting God, who is with us always.
We love because God first loved us,
Pastor Doug Heagy