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Sunday Worship: We have temporarily suspended in-sanctuary worship.  We welcome you to join us for virtual worship via two online platforms:


Facebook – Join us live at 8:30 am eastern US time. To watch the live stream click here.
YouTube – When convenient for you, worship throughout the week on our YouTube Channel.

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February 2021

And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? --Romans 10:14 (RSV)
I’ll begin with plain truth: this article is a fund raising appeal for the purchase of new audio, video, and software equipment to upgrade our worship broadcast. Everyone is invited to participate; all gifts, great and small, are welcome. We contribute from what we have, not from what we don’t possess. Based on feedback received during this pandemic and recognizing we should improve our live streaming of worship, our Congregational Council has unanimously approved an $8,500 dollar quote from Edward Simon & Co. of Pittsburgh.
What are we purchasing and how will it improve our broadcast? To improve sound quality, we are adding an audio mixer, four new microphones, and a microphone receiver. Two of the microphones will be wireless and two wired and by them the audio of our choir and soloists will improve. The two wired microphones will be nearly transparent and suspended from the ceiling above the choir on both sides of the organ. One wireless microphone will be mounted in our grand piano. The second will be for vocal use or for other needs as they arise.
To improve the video of our broadcast, we are adding a second, twin camera, which will be mounted on the opposite side of the sanctuary from our first camera. Those who worship virtually will notice an immediate change to their viewing experience. Transitions will improve and better sight angles will be achieved. New software will also accentuate the broadcast.
Many of us have heard it said that some changes made during this pandemic will become permanent. Our council believes that our new broadcast ministry should remain permanent and that improvements are necessary for the long term. Every Sunday, people throughout the country join us for virtual worship. We have even had viewers from as far away as Germany, Spain, and China.  Those traveling for business and pleasure have expressed appreciation for our virtual worship. Former members who’ve moved away from the area are also grateful.
Imagine what is possible! Family and friends can join us for Confirmation Sundays, baptisms, weddings, funerals, and other events; and these services can be saved for later viewing.  Grandparents who may not be able to travel will be able to witness the confirmations and weddings of their grandchildren. On a personal note, my mother has worshipped with us every Sunday since we began to broadcast about a year ago. Please invite others to join us!
The stewardship committee requests that all gifts toward this project not replace regular offerings. There are two ways to give: (1) Mail a check payable to Mount Lebanon United Lutheran Church and write “Broadcast Project” on its memo line; or (2) Use the My EOffering link on our website and make a deposit to the “Stir into Flame” fund. We hope gifts from members and friends will cover the complete cost of this broadcast improvement.
Let us continue to remain safe as we await our turns to receive the vaccine; let us continue to be faithful in this extraordinary, challenging time. Best of all, God is with us.
Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Doug Heagy